According to the China association of automobile manufacturers statistical data show that in 2010, China’s automotive industry continues the development trend of the previous year, more than 18 million cars of automobiles have both, respectively, for 18.2647 million cars and 18.0619 million cars, renewed production and sales record. “Cars” nation has not decline, and the corresponding after the car market, “let it be” to become the fastest development at present, the prospect of one of the best industry. For the entry threshold low, big profit car cushion industry, it is to become small and medium enterprise coveted “cake”, car cushion industry is undergoing a breeze of the good old days, the 2010 car cushion industry status can be said to be “competition and opportunity, opportunity and development with”. This year, the industry’s brand trend highlights, enterprise have major innovation upheavals, who view the wider and longer, who will win more market.

In the new, the auto supplies nets special launched “the end of 2010 industry inventory” series of project, the author will for the 2010 car cushion industry the significant events of the inventory summed up eight “key words” perspective following the industry..

See good prospects and industry, not the least of the industry and confused confusion, because the entire segments of the industry technical content is not high, the entry threshold is relatively low, cushion market competition subject very much, generic follow suit very much, the price war very tragic and low quality low price competition in the industry has become a not to drop “psoriasis”, the real development stage has been unveiled, how to do long-term, leading the industry trend of development “the evergreen tree”, is the enterprise is the strategic thinking of cushion. In 2010 the cushion of the enterprise strategy, news, seeks to change and become a new enterprise to promote market competitiveness, and most of the brand awareness, adjust the most prominent feature of business strategy, and explores the enterprise of “shenzhen development”.

There is no doubt that cushion and pads car interior is the two big, cushion production enterprise in the traditional channel and terminal impact than other small high-quality goods more leeway. In the enterprise development is more and more big, the market share is increasing day by day, brand awareness promoted step by step, capital increasingly rich at the same time, many excellent enterprise are paying attention to the product research and development and the brand marketing. I understand all the contact in enterprise, Main products: car dvd player, in car camera, are with good quality. the most choose external design marketing agency or research and development department established separately established team, major exhibitions and new product conference, can see the enterprise marketing frequently new, marketing center, day price cushion, life experience hall, take the express vary Asian games, etc. In the pursuit of innovation remaining, also want to remind cushion enterprise “moderate and for”, after all car cushion of small and medium-sized enterprises at present most enterprise, small in scale, the small and medium-sized enterprises limited strength decided to not be used the popularization of marketing methods, with big enterprise face competition, can “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is”, should be to choose another way monarch, novel to win.

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