Valkor’s Gold Making Guide. Valkor’s tome is one of the pioneers of gold farming guides. For a while, during the first few months of the Burning Crusade, Valkor’s Gold Making Guide create quite a controversy because people who have yet to read the product thought that its methods were black hat because Valkor’s “students” were earning fantastic amounts of gold is such a short time. Even before most of a server’s players have reached level 70, those who have read Valkor’s guide were already nearing the gold cap. Of all the World of Warcraft gold making guides, Valkor’s makes the grandest promise: 200g in less than an hour! Guess what? There’s a tactic in the guide’s pages that will make you earn at least 150g in 25 minutes! Valkor’s guide truly deserves its lofty status in the industry of gold farming guides.

The Warcraft Millionaire. Speaking of controversy: when Brad Johnson – author of the Warcraft Millionaire – first released a screenshot of his character’s bank account, WoW players were shocked into disbelief. Many of them even accused Brad of Photoshopping the screenshot. Eventually, Brad was able to prove the veracity of his claims – that he is indeed the richest World of Warcraft player, if not one of the richest World of Warcraft players today. And his secrets are revealed in his tell-all guide, the Warcraft Millionaire. The Warcraft Millionaire is different from other World of Warcraft gold making guides because the book is a personal account of Brad’s own experiences. He speaks of his techniques based on how he himself has implemented them and how he himself has benefited from them. The result is a memoir-like manual unlike any other gold farming guides you’ll ever get to read.

Derek’s Gold Mastery Guide. Unlike the other World of Warcraft gold making guides in this list, Derek’s guide is written for the casual WoW player. All the gold farming spots, all the gold making techniques, all the cash generating strategies, all of the auction house secrets – they are presented in a way that casual players will truly appreciate. Of all the gold farming guides, Derek’s Gold Mastery Guide is the most accessible for novice and intermediate players.

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