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The two bears birthday cake created by Hockleys Cakes Brixworth, Northampton,, Northamptonshire
Green Saloon Car Birthday Cake created by Hockley's Cakes, Brixworth Northamptonshire
Dr Who Tardis Birthday Cake created by Hockleys Cakes, Brixworth, Northamptonshire
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Birthday and Special Occasion Celebration Cakes  
created by Hockleys Cakes Northamptonshire 

2 Tier Circus 
2 Tier runner to church 
3 Rugby Players 
3 Tier Las Vegas 
3 wheeler blue car £150 
8 inch fish with coral £90 
8 inch castle and princess £105 
8 inch castle on top £95 
8 inch golf from £90 
8 inch sailing theme £90 
8inch sponge bob £85 
aeroplane +2 figures 
Audi car 
Baby under the cloth 
Betty Boop 
Blue car £110 
Bob the Builder 
Car on top 
Christening Bears 
Christening Book 
Cotton Reels 
Doctor Who tardis from £100 
Eddie Stobart lorry from £150 
Explosion 8 inch 
Fireman Sam from £100 
Flash red sports car 
Flowers in corner from £85 
Footballers on top 
Garden shed with figure 
Green morgan car 
Gretch guitar from £150 
Horse racing 
House +4 figures 
In the night garden shape from £100 
In the night garden 
Medieval theme no.1 
Medieval theme no.2 
Model on catwalk 
Motorbike £110 
New York 
No.1 decorated 
Noddy in the car 
Number two with cars 
Petal cake with bears 
Pig face £80 
Pirate ship 
Plain 8 inch £40 
Plane in the clouds 
Rabbit on a top hat 
Red lorry from £250 
Red Car 
Remote control 
Roses tin £130 
Roulette wheel from £150 
Rowing 2 figures 
Rugby Scrum 
Rugby Top 
Seventy five shape 
Sky Card 
Spiderman 8 inch from £95 
Swimming Pool 
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