First I started my caravan reservation trip,Caravan excursion The excursion that must be done Articles I had to find a caravan rental company for easy cruising on the Internet I found a car rental company that promised me a caravan rental at attractive prices and so after a short conversation with a sales representative I decided to make the reservation and I ordered a trailer for five people that contains all What it takes to make a week-long trip around the country that I love so much.

Start a caravan trip on the right foot

First of all it has been treating life not related to any trailers at all if you want to start your morning with the right foot you will start sports. We all know that sports raises the mood and does a lot of good in the soul and not just good for the body. We started our morning when we arrived in the Northern Region where we met the company representatives who gave us a new and advanced trailer that had to meet all our needs throughout the week after all the trailer should be the same that will take us from place to place and a hotel that will give us a vacation experience where we can Enjoy the vacation we chose.

We got our car trailer and got off to a good start, but my wife told me that soon she wanted to get on the wheel was that I didn’t think at all that during her vacation she was going to bed and I was going to drive I told them a problem so I would go to bed and I laughed.

We drove for 4 hours in a row until we reached our first destination which is a caravan park Let’s do the night and we could feel like a young girlfriend who is now out on their big walk of their lives and will come to the place to light the fire and take out the guitar
We spent the night there and I have to say that I got up in the morning to find out that I’m not sleeping in my bed to sleep in a quality trailer with proper air conditioner that can make your trip out of bed.

Where to go for a successful RV trip?

The next morning we got up full of energy and decided that today we travel until we find a good place to sleep and really on that day we drove almost 9 hours in a row and finished the whole country and after 9 hours even our fuel tank was already showing signs of I must rest or at least get a new refill we found the place Let’s decide to move the trailer throughout the week. This place is an amazing place in the north that overlooks the whole green area and offered us a place to stay for a few shekels which was supposed to fund the electricity and water we consume along the shiloh so we enjoyed the sun we decided to stay there for the rest of our trip and our mobile trailer we basically became a home Static hotel. .

But can a good trailer also be a replacement for the bed?
I have to tell you that after four 4 nights I slept in the trailer, probably my body was already saying come on, give me my bed. I got up with back pain and I would now have to go to my private physiotherapist to ask him to do physical therapy for me because of the hard week I was going through.
In any case, I’m sure after that physical therapy treatment I’ll forget about the back pain and all I remember will be just the trip I did in my wonderful trailer.
So I highly recommend doing this trip with family and people you love because it will make you pass on this experience in the best way that it can be no matter how much you need to travel by car or no matter how crowded you will always remember the good things you had. During this week

But now let’s go back for a moment to talk about the fun things that are of course the trip and not my back pain. The trip was very good He considered us the list of trips among the first places even some say as for example my little boy stopped it was the best trip he ever made in his life (no wonder this is his second trip on his first trip was with grandparents). We highly recommend a caravan trip which gives you freedom from work including the crazy pace of life and forgets both the need for traveling and the need to find accommodation every time. The big advantage between traveling with a caravan is to really enjoy what situation the home is on your back like turtle. It turns out turtles live well. They take life in Izzy and never have to look for a place to sleep like that. We felt on our caravan trip we could literally travel anywhere without planning that when your house is everywhere you can change the place but always return to your usual and familiar corner.

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