This sort of error is incredibly easy to make, and even professional electricians have made the mistake of ordering the wrong type of electric wire cable and have had to foot the bill associated with correcting it. Thankfully, we’ve put together a handy list of things to keep in mind before you buy any wires or cables online.

1. Length
While most people are very judicious about measuring the distance that they will have to lay electric wire cable, a common mistake can easily slip through the cracks if you are not careful. Make sure that when you measure the distance your cable will have to run that you make considerations for the flexibility of the cable. This consideration is especially important if your project will utilize marine-grade wire or heat-resistant cable, both of which are particularly inflexible.

It is easy to assume accidentally that your cable will be able to bend easily, but there is nothing more frustrating than placing an order, climbing up or crawling down to where you’re laying the cable, and then discovering that the cable can’t bend how you’d planned. Always err on the side of extra cable length unless you have incredibly restrictive special limitations.

2. Gauge
The gauge your electric wire cable will need to be is going to come down to a determination of the strength that the current cables will carry. The stronger the current, the lower the gauge or thicker the wire you will need. If you’re not sure of the current you’ll be running, consult an electrician or engineer before buying. Purchasing the wrong gauge cable can not only endanger your system of failure but can also pose a fire risk.

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