Italy, a captivating nation that we all remember when we eat, drink and study the history. The nation that has been a perfect place in the Europe and best known for its incredible heritage, outstanding gastronomy and spellbinding culture, Italy is truly among the most magnificent places on earth. Featuring some of the most delightful and outstanding cities such as Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, Milan, Pisa, Neples, Capri, Verona, Sorrento and many more, Italy has always been a dream place for everyone. However, visiting a European destination cost a good fortune. Luckily, we have come up with some great ideas of how you can save more while enjoying the true essence of Italy. So, check out our list about the ways to have cheap holidays in Italy:

When to Book Flights

Italy is a massive country and is featured with loads of picturesque cities, towns and villages that are in the travel bucket list of thousands of travelers around the world. If you have been thinking to visit Italy for your pleasure, then you will find the cities of Italy available throughout the year. However, booking your flights won’t be as easy as you think as the cost of tickets may vary as per the seasons. It is advised to book your flights during the shoulder season which begins from March till June and from October till mid-December. This time is best to buy flight tickets to Italy in advance and have a quality vacation with your near and dear ones.


Accommodation in Italy may vary as per the destination, places you are looking for, travel period and amenities you like in your stay. Finding a cheap hotel in cities like Venice, Milan, Cinque Terre, Capri, Neples, Verona and Pisa is really difficult, unless you plan well in advance and book your stays with reputed travel agencies. In case, you are thinking to visit cities like Florence, Capri, Rome, Sorrento and more, it is easy as there are plenty of options to choose from for a wonderful and affordable stay till the time you search for hotels that are not too close from the prominent attractions

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