Almost every garage in America probably has some form of garage shelves in it to help store all the items that we have and need to access on an occasional basis. Types of things kept on shelves include sporting goods, seasonal holiday items, gardening supplies and tools. The types of garage shelves can range from ones that hang on the wall to free standing shelving units. They can be ones that you build yourself out of plywood and 2×4’s, or purchased shelves from the local store. Some may even have doors on them, like cabinets, that actually allow you to shut everything out of sight for a neater looking garage. These are especially great for small items, and things like stains, paints, fertilizers, and other household chemicals that you want to keep locked up or out of sight of children. So we all know that garage shelves are really great and help us to organize our living spaces. But did you know that there are other options available besides standard shelving? Let’s take a look at a couple of these.

The first of these is similar to most other garage shelves, the main difference is that they are on casters. Sometimes these are referred to as carts, but lets face it, if they are over 3′ tall, they are more a shelf than a cart. Mobile shelving units offer many benefits, they allow for flexibility and versatility. A quality one will have high quality casters (avoid chintzy plastic), have bumpers, and the wheels will lock so that the shelf will not move when bumped.


Having casters allows you to easily move your shelves when you are cleaning or rearranging your garage. If you have a shop, you can store tools and then easily move them to where you need them while working. The mobility that casters adds can be a real benefit to many people.

The other type of unique shelving system is a bin system. These garage shelves come with bins in a variety of sizes. Some systems have bins that will nestle on each other so that you can stack them, either on the shelf or off. These are successfully used in businesses and warehouses for inventory and storage, but they can also be very useful in the garage. Keeping your kids items in larger bins is a great way to help them keep their stuff organized. Any toys they use outside qualify, things like sport’s balls, outdoor chalk, jump ropes, water toys, roller skates and pads, biking helmet, etc. If your child can use their toy and easily put it back exactly where it belongs, it will greatly help cut down on clutter. The really small bins are great for storing smaller items like nuts, bolts, screws etc. I am sure, with very little thought, you can find many other uses for these versatile bins.

If you are needing to organize your garage, besides regular garage shelves, consider some of these other options. You may find that they will work better for you in some instances than just standard garage shelves.

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