Garage organizers make great gift ideas because they come in such a large variety of styles, colors, price ranges, and options. With the holiday season fast upon us, who isn’t looking for great gift ideas? Right, we all are. Consider these ideas and see if they help you find just the right thing for that special someone in your life.

Overhead Garage Organizers – These are sweet! Think about how much stuff you have that could easily be put up out of the way and forgotten about. Since it is stuff that is really only accessed one or two times every year anyway, you might as well. My favorite recommendation is the overhead platform. This is a spiffy contraption that allows you to load boxes and other items on a flat platform that is then hoisted up to the rafters. I put all my holiday decorations and keepsake boxes on there, lift it up out of the way, then basically forget about it for a year. Another popular option are bins that live on tracks that are mounted overhead. Same idea. Just load up the bins and put them up out of the way. Works great for items that only have to be accessed occasionally.

Cabinet Garage Organizers – What can I say, these are the perennial classics of garage storage. These cabinets are available in so many configurations and styles that you are certain to find ones that would make great gifts. Most people really like metal cabinets because they are attractive and don’t require any maintenance other than maybe a squirt of lubricant on the hinges every couple years. Lots of space for storing tools, sandpaper, garden related items, or other items that you don’t want to look at on open shelving. Just load it up, close the doors and forget about it.

Bins – These garage organizers are perfect for active families with lots of items to keep track of. All those sport balls, ski boots, roller blades, and other items that so often just get kicked to the side can now be stored in dedicated bins. These are great because they can easily be mounted on the wall at various heights to accommodate everyone in the family. Think how nice it would be to not have to trip all over soccer and basketballs every time you go into the garage. I can tell you from personal experience, this is a gift that anyone with kids would love!

Fishing gear racks – Now here’s a novel idea. How about a place to store fishing gear in a way that will keep the hooks where they belong, the rods upright and unbroken, and reels clean and neat. Yep, fishing gear racks to the rescue. I can’t think of many things more irritating in the garage than a pile of fishing gear that keep falling all over itself, getting entangled and broken. These little racks mounton the wall and just plain solve the problem.

As you can see, garage organizers would make a great gift for almost anyone. Being able to keep things stored up out of the way where they can be easily accessed and kept clean and in nice condition is a good thing. The gift of garage organizers is a gift that just keeps on giving, and that’s an even better thing!

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