Initially, Hummer used to make only trucks and they were promoted by Common Motors. The original design of H1 was first founded on military’s Humvee but the Hummer cars of H3 and H2 ended up as civilian advertised automobiles. GM later didn’t transfer the name to Motors Liquidation Corporation when the bankruptcy was filed. They decided to retain the brand name. They wanted to sell the brand itself. Sichuan Tengzhong, a Chinese automobile maker, announced that they would be buying Hummer cars model but then the bid was rejected because Chinese regulators disapproved it. The name of Hummer brand can be traced back to the days of Jeep, a military vehicle. In the early days of 1980s, a firm called LTV Corporation made a style for competing with US Army contract. The truck or car was made to serve in military environments as principle light tactical auto. The name of this vehicle was Humvee or High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Car (HMMWV).These Hummer cars were seen more in Persian Gulf War in the 90s.

They instantly became popular because of their durability and the users gave a lot of positive feedback about it. AM Normal then decided to make a civilian version of the Humvee and this car was named the Hummer. Trade name rights were bought by General Motors in 1999 and they then became responsible for marketing, distributing and manufacturing the Hummer cars and the future SUV line of cars. The manufacturer of Hummer cars were going to be dismantled because of GM’s bankruptcy. But Sichuan Tengzhong came to the rescue by offering a new deal soon after the first one’s rejection. But then sales really hit low around April and hence production of Hummer cars was stopped. The final Hummer H3 was rolled off line in May at Shreveport. Hummer cars are closed down but there might be other manufacturers making similar cars soon. These cars were very popular amongst car lovers. They used advanced technology and the manufacturers didn’t hesitate to slap a high price on these vehicles. Car enthusiasts bought hummer just because of their luxurious theme and high end technology. Material used in these cars like allow wheels make it run smoothly even on rough roads. One of the best feature of the car is remote engine start. The seats are made up of soft and high quality leather. These cars can house lot of people inside at a time. There are plenty of exciting features here like Bluetooth, heated front, and auxiliary real climate control.People prefer these cars ahead of other brands because they come with high end features like maintenance kit and it also includes front brush guard, toolkit, portable lamp and for emergency purposes, there is a first aid kit. The package equipment has chrome accent, entertainment system, navigation system, and rear view camera. There are hood handles and latches, mirror caps and fuel filler doors. The mirrors tell you the about the vehicles nearby. Hummer cars were famous amongst celebrities.Recommended Website:- Hummer CarsLargest Online Portal for buying and selling of used old cars for sale. Classic Old Cars, Low Cost Limos, Muscle Cars.

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