Choosing the perfect gift for your partner is no easy task,How To Find the Perfect Gift Articles you only have to look at the sight that bestows every shopping mall especially during the festive period of people particularly the male of our species walking around with a glazed expression on their faces. Asthe time gets nearer to Christmas this glazed expression is replaced by one of shear panic and horror as they realise they haven’t a clue what to buy. This behaviour invariably leads to the panic buy or an unimaginative gift (see below).A recent survey carried out by Lands’ End Direct Merchants, found that men’s tempersincreased along with their heart rate. 48% of men regard it as worse than the stress of being dumped by their girlfriend, losing their job or moving home. Life events that cause the most stress include divorce, being fired and moving home. But many men are placing shopping for gifts high on that list, only a short way behind the stress of a divorce.The main things that increased male shoppers’ stress levels included:

dawdlers that get in their way (86%),
having to walk around the shops carrying heavy bags(90%),
rude shoppers or shop assistants (83%),
other peoples’ screaming children (76%)
queue jumpers (74%).

It’s not only their heart rates which suffer but their wallets also suffer. Over half (52%) will be splashing out up to GBP500 this Christmas with a quarter spending up to GBP1,000. The men who spend the most are from Wales with nearly a quarter (24%) spending up to GBP2,000, followed by the Scots (35%) and the North (26%) who’ll spend up to GBP1,000. The meanest in the GBP500-GBP1,000 group are the Southerners, with just 19% spending that much. The worst Christmas Gifts you can receive are as follows:

For Him

Cheap aftershave or facial care products (especially if he has a beard!)
Underwear (Y fronts or underwear with cartoon characters on them)
Gift vouchers
Cheap bottle of wine
Liverpool shirt (for a |Manchester Utd fan)
Walking stick
Anything knitted by an elderly relative
Chris de Burgh or Michael Bolton CD


For Her

Domestic appliances. (Remember that electrical can opener may not seem such a good idea on Christmas morning.)
Tasteless Saucy underwear (Especially anything Red)
Gift Vouchers
Sex toys or videos
Foot spa
Weight loss book (unless she has specifically asked for it)
Gadgets or DIY Tools ( especially ones you want yourself ….. “oh well never mind darling I can find a use for it !”)
Flowers from your local garage
Facial hair trimmer

So how do you go about choosing the perfect gift ?Gifts are not always judged by how much they cost. You can spend a fortune on a gift but if the item is of no personal value to the recipient then it will not be considered with it’s true value. The best gifts to receive are ones which have had a lot of thought put into them.Interests

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