How to Track Your Right Career – By Jody Gothard and Cardell Phillips

Are you lost in the wilderness when it comes to choosing a career? Once, we knew the way. As children, we played at different roles, but some became our favorites. Those favorites hinted at our gifts. They pointed the way to our exciting futures as entrepreneurs, dancers or astronauts. We did what was fun, and, in the process, we began to find and follow our paths.

As young adults, however, our paths began to fade under thickets of obstacles: other people’s expectations, poor self-esteem and /or lack of faith. But, the good news is that, for each of us, the path is still out there. A cover of tangled weeds may hide its course, but it’s still there.

A few tracking lessons can put you back in the hunt. An expert tracker can follow a trail that’s been cold for days, months, or even years. Trackers like this can track over any terrain, under all kinds of weather, and even in the dark of night. Tracking, however, is not just about following a set of prints in the dirt.

The physical skill of observation constitutes only about 10% of what it takes to be a good tracker. The other 90% consists of awareness and intuition. Here’s how you can apply tracking techniques to your career hunt.

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