Ok, this is basically just a ranting gripe session, so if you don’t want
to hear it please run and hide.

Now that you’ve been warned, however, I am absolutely sick and
tired of people thinking I’m lazy and worthless just because I don’t get
up at the same time they do.

Take last night for example. I was up until after 3 a.m. working
online. That’s typical for me. In fact, I often don’t go to bed until 4
a.m. or so. I find it easier to work at night because the kids are
asleep, there are less distractions, it’s quiet, and I can concentrate and
get more done.

About 8:30 this morning, a phone call came in and apparently it was
obvious that I had just woke up. The person had a very rude tone of
voice and obviously looked down on me because I had still been in

Well, excuse me, lady, for sleeping a whole 5 and a half hours all at
once! Should I call you at 4 in the morning after you’ve only been in
bed for 5 hours and get on your case about it?! Oh, I can’t, you
don’t sleep at your office like I do, huh? You go home where no one
can bother you and only worry about work at certain hours. Wow!
What a concept! Because my hours are different than yours,
however, I don’t get that privilege? Instead you look down on me
because I sleep during traditional work time?

Well, excuse me for not being a mindless robot content with a regular
job, regular life, and the approval of the masses. I have my own
goals, dreams, and ideas lady, and they don’t include you or your

Besides which, there have been plenty of days I got up at 4:30 a.m.
to work also. I conform my schedule to what else is going on in my
life and what I need to get done.

On average, I don’t get the traditional 8 hours of sleep anyway.
Why? Because I’m pushing myself to take care of my family during
the day and work a demanding online business both day and niAikido: Sensei Derek Eastman Biography – Part One

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