One of the most effective tricks to turn things around especially if your ex refuses to speak to you, return your calls, emails and messages is to “flip things around”. While you may be struggling to keep a hold of your emotions the most effective trick is to agree with the break up, stop all contact with your ex and forget your ex exists.

While this is the last thing you may want to hear right now it’s your approach that is critical for this trick to be successful. If you are still in contact with your ex, thank them for the time you shared together, agree with the break and acknowledge your relationship is over and that you understand why. If your ex wont return your calls or messages, leave them a message stating the above.

What do you do once you have laid the foundations? You get on with your life, do things you enjoy, spend time with friends and family but remember that this is only temporary, resist temptation to call or message your ex.

If you have mutual friends get the word out about your new lease on life and happiness, make sure your ex knows you are happy with this new chapter in your life. You will find that your ex’s head will be spinning wondering why you have forgotten about them, if you still care or more importantly panic that you have meet someone else.

The reasoning behind this trick is to make your ex feel as if they were the one that was dumped, is it extremely effective to get your ex reconsidering getting back together with you. Often it will make ex’s so self conscious that they made a huge mistake that they beg you to take them back, this is where reuniting can begin.

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