The discussion about the legalization of the marijuana in various states evokes strong emotions from people who support it and from those who are dead against it. But the rest who are not on any side may be clueless about what the legal prohibition or the permission could entail.  The following are certain points that are vital to take an informed decision on this subject.

Marijuana is a drug that is prepared for human consumption from the herbs. It is also called cannabis. It uses the various parts of the cannabis plant. The leaves, stems, seeds and flowers are used to make various types of cannabis infused products like the concentrate weed oil, tea, gels, flowers, beverages, edibles, creams, tinctures, infused candles and many other products. The infused edible products include cakes, candies, cookies, chocolates and salty snacks.

The cannabis plant is a rich source of THC. THC is the abbreviated form of a chemical substance Tetrahydrocannabinol that is found in the cannabis. The chemical substance has various physical and psychological effects on its consumers. It induces sleep and drowsiness. This tranquilizing effect of this chemical has led to its use for medical purposes. Cannabis is used to aid in the treatment of diseases and ailments like cancer, chronic pain, nausea and tumors.


Cannabis Legalisierung

Cannabis can be prescribed in the form taken orally or can be inhaled as a vaporizer.  The vape pens and e- cigarettes are used for the purpose. These are perceived to have lesser side effects and effective in alleviating pain from the serious sickness. These products should only be consumed on the prescription of the physician and in the prescribed quantities; otherwise, these may even prove to be fatal.

The sale of marijuana is illegal and comes under crime in many states. Certain states, however, have legalized its possession and consumption for the medical as well as recreational use.  This has started a debate on whether the other states should follow suit and allow for similar laws.

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