Magazines are one of the most collected medias by a lot of hobbyists because it has different volumes and if kept in perfect condition will have some value after some time.  So do your first magazine printing carefully and get other people interested and pretty soon your magazine will be selling like hotcakes.

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1. Memorable magazine name The most famous and well preserved magazines have very memorable names.  There are even times when people put nicknames to these famous magazines.  Think of a name very well because you will be sticking to this name once you start printing.


2. Look for contributors Go look for other great writers like yourself.  You can publish a call for writers or ask around and search for good bloggers that can contribute to your magazines.  Look for those who are good creative writers rather than those that write like academicians.  Remember that you are writing a magazine that must be exciting to read not something serious and boring, this is unless your target subject are science and other academics.

3. Find Advertisers If it is your first time to publish a magazine it is likely only a handful of advertisers will be interested in placing an ad in your magazine, be patient.  Give companies that you are eyeing discounts and very good rates as a treat.  Remember that they are taking a risk with you so be nice.

4. Search for pictures Magazines are more fun when people put nice pictures to browse on if you don’t have time to read the entire article just yet so make sure you have a handful of good and interesting shots.  Make sure though that you do not copy pictures unless you have permission from the rightful owner.  It is highly advisable to have your own set instead of borrowing.


5. Draft a layout The best layouts are done by designers so better have a professional designer do the layout for you.  If you still want to do the layout, make a draft draw the areas where you want the text to be placed and the pictures including the captions and just allow the designer to polish everything else for you before printing.  Ask your printers to show you a copy of the possible print sample before printing everything else so you can check for mistakes or misplaced pictures or text.

6. Magazine Colors Unlike other print medias where you pick one or two colors, with magazines you will be needing a bunch of colors that match and blend well with others.  Ask help with your designers and printers.  Try Color Psychology and adapt it to your colors of choice.

7. Binding Options Commonly used to bind magazines are staples or stitches so let them know how you want your pages to be fastened.  Make sure to pick the one that can hold everything together longer.

8. Paper choices Get in touch with your printers and ask them what paper would work well with your magazine.

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