The change now is that the so called open minded European countries that had advocated for free cannbis use, which is ironically still legal in Holland are now stating that CBD and its related cannbinoids including CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC and a very minute amount of THC are in fact narcotics. Yes you heard that right, they state that CBD is on the same level as cocaine, heroin, crack, amphetamines and meth.

They claim this is because CBD is extracted from the tops of the Cannabis Sativa plant. This plant is a Hemp plant not a cannabis plant and so the THC content is only in the 0.05% to 0.2% percentiles meaning that there is absolutely no recreational effect from CBD at all.

Why this sudden U turn has occurred is beyond all of us at All Round CBD. But we feel for our EU counterparts who could lose out on a 100% natural business that is a great path to business excellence and economic growth, especially during the current pandemic.

No change in the UK.

One nation that has been untouched by the wave of radical change sweeping the EU is the UK. The Brexit movement has had the merit of obscuring us from the extreme thinking of the EU and so our inter governmental organisations have decided to keep CBD as a food supplement. Rightly so.

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cannabis samen

This could increase the opportunities for UK CBD vendors to be the new pioneers of a glistening Hemp market and CBD industry whereby EU customers go through the UK for all their CBD needs. This is great news for UK CBD E commerce vendors who could essentially fill the gap for the surge in demand coming from the EU.

The Novel Food issue.

The Novel Food issue now seems a lot less worse as even if the UK does go down that road in defining CBD at least we will have CBD as a legal product! This goes for all CBD variants don’t forget, including CBD capsules, CBD isolate, CBD infusions like for example Turmeric infused CBD ( or vitamin infused CBD and water soluble CBD. Not to forget Broad Spectrum CBD and upcoming CBG supplements.

If the UK becomes the new go to nation for CBD it would spur outside investment into the sector on British shores. The long term goal should be to have a haven of CBD users in the UK who can freely enjoy and use CBD and its related cannabinoids off the internet or on the high street, with no big organisations looking over them.

Therefore the UK Hemp industry has room to breathe and can keep doing what they do best.

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