In a high-end photography business, the client is paying a substantial price for the creativity, skill, and experience of the photographer. While it may seem obvious that given this fact, if an Orange County photographer desires to increase profits and revenue, he should assign any work that does not utilize the photographer’s creativity, skill and experience to employees or contract employees. By doing this the photographer can maximize the amount of time he spends on performing activities which increase revenue.

Most Laguna Beach photographers entered the business because they enjoy the creative work. Thus, dividing up work in this way also has the additional benefit of allowing the photographer to spend more time doing the activities she enjoys. This article lists some of the activities that a typical small, high-end photography business performs that, by their nature, lend themselves to effective delegation.

1. Uploading edited images to blogs, facebook, and the web. These activities are necessary for marking and ordering, but require zero amounts of creativity. A photographer after every session can add a document which contains the text she would like added to these online resources to the folder containing the edited images. Someone else can then upload the text and online images.

2. Scheduling and running batch processes on selected images. Although it is true that modern operating systems allow for effective multi-tasking, doing so slows down the computer running the processes and also divides the photographer’s attention between scheduling and running actions and creating beautiful images. By assigning the work of scheduling jobs to others, a photographer can focus all of her attention on editing. This more focused attention should also increase her speed at this work.

3. Processing orders. This is another area in which a zero percent of a photographer’s creativity, skill and experience is utilized. Yet creating invoices, getting on line to submit orders, tracking orders and delivering the end product to the client can take up an enormous amount of a photographer’s time. This type of work can usually be done by lower cost labor.

The OC photography industry is competitive. By focusing his attention on creative work he is able to spend more time on the activities that the client most values. More time on client valued activities result in a better product and experience for the client and ultimately a better income for the photographer.

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