There exist various signs of labour in pregnancy and if you can learn them beforehand, you may get to the doctor/hospital on the right time, diminishing your chances of delivery complications. Here are some prominent symptoms that occur when labour time approaches.

1. As your delivery time starts approaching, you may experience cramps along with lower backache. These cramps will be somewhat similar to menstrual cramps.

2. The backache may come and go indicating consistent contractions. During a contraction, the womb relaxes to aid cervix to expand to let the baby move easily for delivery. When your pregnancy is nearing the time of labour, the contractions will become frequent, severe in intensity and may take more than usual time to end.

3. As the delivery time approaches, you’ll notice brownish or blood-tinged mucus vaginal discharge. This mucus blocks the uterus opening or cervix to protect the baby, but when the cervix widens, the mucus or part of it releases. This indicates that the labour might happen in a few days. If the mucus discharge is accompanied by a lot of blood, it might indicate a complication, thus consult your doctor.

4. During the last trimester of pregnancy, when the labour is expected, the body releases prostaglandins, which softens the cervix and causes loose stools. This indicates that the labour is only a few days or hours away.

5. Broken water accompanied by regular and intense contractions means you’re in labour, but if only the amniotic sac has ruptured, your labour is around the corner and you should inform your doctor about it.

6. Another prominent symptom of labour in pregnancy is breathlessness along with frequent need to urinate. This happens as the baby’s head begins to slide down in your pelvis to get ready for delivery.

7. Nesting – This is an unusual sign of labour that begins in the last day of your pregnancy. Due to prolonged tiredness and fatigue due to baby’s increased size, you will experience a sudden urge to be active and energetic and will find yourself worrying about the cleanliness of your house and surrounding. This indicates labour.

Experience of any of the above signs and symptoms indicates that labour would come soon so you should be ready to welcome your little angel. The baby starts preparing itself a few weeks before labour and lowers itself in the pelvis to make its exit easy during delivery.

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