Or maybe, if you’re looking to lose weight (I’m looking to gain weight. Wait till you see how small my body is), you try this affirmation, “I am getting thinner every day”.

Or even worse, this, “I am a thin and beautiful person”. No, you don’t want to! Believe me! Alright, weight-loss is not the topic of this article. Let me get to the point.


What do you see in common with the 3 examples of positive affirmations above?

ONE: These positive affirmations are extremely vague, abstract.

The statements you see above, which most of you (who are into the positive affirmations thing) repeat to yourself every day, have no specific, tangible value attached to it to make it progress-oriented.

Just look at the first one (invented by Emile Coue), “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”. Getting better and better at what? Fooling yourself? Messing yourself up? Sorry, friend, “… in every way …”, to your notorious subconscious mind may include the two negative things mentioned earlier.

Or the “I am getting thinner every day” affirmation. Thinner in what way? In bone size? In brain matter size? The word “thinner” itself subliminally suggests lack, which is the opposite of abundance.

To make your positive affirmations more effective, you need a specific, tangible value to it. Such as, “Every day, in every positive beneficial area of my life, I am increasing my effectiveness, productivity and efficiency by 1%”. 1% improvement may be small, but it is workable.

But this is only one stage of the journey. As you read on, yo

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