“Products: The ‘Believability’ Factor”

Subtitle: Why some products cannot be given away successfully (especially behind the word ‘FREE’)

There are many elements discussed in marketing articles regarding how best to garner sales success for products or services. However, one element I have rarely found discussed, if ever, is the factor of ‘believability’. Here is a case in point:

A while back, I discovered a unique angle being marketed to the public regarding a certain product that I was certain would be incredibly successful since the product is one that, virtually, everyone already uses, regardless of their financial status or position in life.


And, with a price range that expands from $0 to as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on your choice and what you can afford, the version being marketed by this company is FREE to the public.

And, I’m not speaking of a product that attempts to please all the people all the time, so to speak, but a product that almost falls into the realm of being a ‘vital necessity’ for just about everyone, and on a worldwide basis. This product is one that, if it was not what it was, the ‘believability’ factor would be so incredibly high that virtually everyone would rush out to get one, especially since it will be FREE.

And, I would also lay 10 to 1 odds that you currently own, at least, one of these products right now.

So, what is this product? Is your curiosity up yet?

Well, I’m not going to disclose the product for several reasons, and because my own personal jury is still out with the verdict on it (sorry, no tease intended). But, I will say that if the verdict is returned favorably, there will be no side of earth that you will not learn about it.

So, what is my own reluctance with this particular product?

Well, my answer is found no farther than the title of this article…the ‘believability’ factor and it being made available for FREE. Not because this particular product isn’t as it is presented, but because people are simply not accustomed to being able to obtain this product freely.

And, when (and if) this product is, indeed, released to the general public, even though it already affects most of the people in the world who are already utilizing it, I can guarantee that it will also come with a ‘Catch-22’ factor for its distributors and sales persons.

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