Radio control cars are steerable in which radio control system is used. History of these cars starts since 1893 when a remote control boat was first established after that various development have been made in this sector.

Thousands of Radio control models are available in market. These are suitable and famous toys for kids. Radio control cars have a simple circuit connected with a servos and receiver to operate these cars. These cars are usually powered driven models which can be controlled from a distance. Various types of energy source are used to power these cars. Nowadays electric, gas and nitro cars are available which are designed especially to run both on roads and off roads tracks. Gas cars are powered by gasoline, where as nitro cars are based on nitro methanol which uses a mixture of nitro methane and methanol for power supply. Driving of these cars is an enjoyable hobby for those who are enthusiasts of car driving.

Children enjoy racing of radio control cars without any danger of breakage and also without fear of police. These are also no danger of laws. These cars are fitted with light system as well as different types of sound systems which are quite enjoyable for children. Except with these interior of car is nicely designed with a driver in nice costume. These are also available along with opening and closing of doors and hoods which is splendid.

Electric models are easy to operate these are fitted with recharge able cells prepared with different metals. These are easier to handle. These cars are available in mini and medium sizes. Some sets of mini and medium size cars are available. These can run on slow as well as large speed about 10mph.

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