For years now, banner advertising is one of the most effective ways of online promotion of the products and services to the advertisers. Lot of people buys different products through the net and so the promotion of one’s products & services online is an obvious nowadays. By online banner advertising you can do the best of it. An attractive banner can attract more visitors to click through to your site. These banner ads are cheap and cost effective too. Here I will discuss some useful tips to spice up your banner.


The initial banner ad had been released in the year 1993. The aim was deemed to be one of the best to be found around the World Wide Web. According to different studies, a normal surfer spends not more than ten seconds upon viewing the top of a web page. The professional banner design is one way to display additional info about your company & effectively contribute in creating an impression upon the minds of the clients. So a proper branding of your business with the symbols of product on your banner has the capability to attract customers to your site.

Now the following are some tips to create a professional banner ad:

2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

• Make use of large logo to create brand awareness.

• Added elements distract the visitor from the message and make image look chaotic.


• Make use of short sentences, eye catching expression and call to action button to convince the visitors.

• Large banners and banners with dynamic representation make impact on the visitor and builds up brand awareness.

• The other advantage of internet banner advertising is that you can drive high traffic to your business website by putting your ads on someone else’s website and get high web traffic.

• The content that is present on your banner should be in accordance with the product & services of your company.

With the current competition in online marketing the banner ads are considered the most effective way of boosting sales that can earn more money for your business. The  ads are more beneficial than static banner ads. You can add more information of your company on flash banner ads the static one. It attracts the customers by its animation. It presents your advertisement in a stylish way which attracts the attention of visitors.

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