Since almost a decade, Washington DC, California, Colorado and many other states have legalized growing and selling and buying cannabis through medical marijuana dispensaries and top pot shop in order to treat AIDS, cancer, anxiety, glaucoma, and many other conditions that compromise and debilitate life. These patients would have to rely on prescription drugs else, which do not sufficiently render useful help in the condition. It is also used as a recreational drug by many youth and adults.

Various legal uses of the herb-

Marijuana increases appetite, suppresses nausea and also decreases pain, inflammation, and muscular control disorders and hence medications are used for these purposes.

It may help in controlling epileptic seizures, decreasing pain and inflammation and possibly even treating mental illness and addictions.

There is huge interest in the marijuana and its association with the treatment of childhood epilepsy, which a serious medical condition, where the child has frequent violent seizures.

Therefore, scientists have been specially breeding and growing marijuana plants and making it available in oil form for treatment purposes.

The legalities-

There are many states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana. While the DEA no longer forces closing down of these dispensaries for violating federal drug laws, there are still strict legal bindings to be check listed before visiting a medical marijuana dispensary.

If one is looking to buy cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, it is a must they visit a shop with a grow-and-store license. After obtaining state and local approval, the grower, if without a store license outsources the produce to a licensed recreational store or to legal organizations that sell cannabis infused products. Confining to selling only to prescribed patients or qualified health care professionals is mandatory. Buying and selling without following the norms are illegal and punishable and should be borne in the mind of those interested.

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