During the Spannabis 2013 cannabis event organized in Barcelona, Spain, visitors rioted to burst through the security employees so they could rob thousand dollars of Advanced Nutrients products that were showcased at the company’s booth. It was started when Big Mike and his co-workers started handing out AN giveaways, prizes and sample bottle of Big Bud, Overdrive and B-52. AN employee’s tried to hold the people but visitors rushed in. The crowd soon robbed $30,000 worth nutrients that was meant for weekend giveaway. This was the first riot ever happened at any marijuana hydroponic event. After riot, a young Spaniard handed a handwritten note to Advanced Nutrients personnel who requested to give that letter to “Mr. Mike”. The note was meant for Advanced Nutrients head, Michael Straumietis who had been giving out products, cash prizes at Spannabis when the people gone crazy and steal from AN booth. The letter was emotional but what was the letter’s main aim. Let’s have a look at the apology letter by a young Spaniard.


The letter explained that the cause for the mob riot was the financial condition of Spain. The financial crisis is majorly because of the governments, bankers and the Europe Union. The youth in Spain and Greece are jobless and even state workers and middle class are in huge debt. Most people in Spain are making money through growing cannabis. The wealthy tourists from Norway, Great Britain, Switzerland and other countries love medical marijuana. But, the demand is not actually fulfilled. Now, people have learnt a lot about modern marijuana growing but lack sufficient money to grow indoors using specialized fertilizers only for cannabis. The cost for the indoor room set up, fertilizers are not afforded by Spanish people. Hence they fail to grow good quality cannabis than other major regions like Holland and California. The money they will get from cannabis growing is the ultimate way of coming out of big debt.

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