Testimonials Will Boost Your Sales – If You Can Get ‘Em
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By Armand Melanson

It’s a proven fact that testimonials radically improve sales.
That’s why every single infomercial & marketing website is
peppered with them. They build the essential CREDIBILITY that is
required for the buy response. Are all these testimonials real?
Definitely not. And that’s because testimonials are not easy to

Think about it. You buy a product from someone. At that point,
the seller has already made their money from you. Even if what
they deliver is far beyond your expectations, you are not likely
to go out of your way to let them know about it. You have your
own agenda & your own set of goals to achieve. Who’s got time to
go around slapping everyone on the back for a job well done?


So the notion of “unsolicited testimonials” is a rare one
indeed. In fact, 95% of unsolicited testimonials are highly
solicited. And we’d all do well to copy the method the big boys
use to get their testimonials.

Let’s take, for example, Marlon Sanders. This guy is one of the
e-marketing giants. I bought one of his products & he put me on
his autoresponder newsletter. I also signed up to resell his products.
Here’s what I got within 1 month of signing up:

> > Dear Arm,
> >
> > I need your opinion

yadayadayada with a bunch of questions & then this:

> > 11. May I have permission to quote your comments in
> > marketing and promotion? I will NOT quote your address
> > or phone. Only name, city and state.
> > yes[ ] no[ ]

Did you get that? This is how the big players get their

Here are some techniques you can use to get testimonials:

===> Always offer an incentive for participating in a product

If you don’t offer something in return, most people won’t even
think about doing your survey. The better the incentive, the
more motivated your prospect will be.

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