Each product of Apple has its own distinction and the phones and tablets have their uniform operating system. Accordingly, the apps are designed to support the operating system. There are so many magazine apps around that you will get confused as to which one you should install and which one you should avoid. When you mix Google with Apple, the end product is beyond any comparison. Google has the best magazine app that you can get for your iPhone. It is like a library of all the magazines that you can think of. In fact, most users consider it the one and only iPhone Magazine App. The user interface is unbelievable. You will feel like reading a real magazine. The sound of pages being turned is simply beautiful. To top it off, there are no disturbing ads that will distract your reading.ExperimentThere are many trusted apps for iPhones when it comes to magazines and one of them is Zinio. It has that X- factor as a magazine app. This is one app that will let you manage all your magazines in one place. Be it cover stories or the monthly magazines, you will get everything in this app.
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It also has its own shop where users can find various magazines that are up for sale. You may not like all the magazines that are published.There are magazines that like to play with the user interface. You will find different iPhone Magazine App that has beautiful user interface and will bring an all new experience to reading magazines and you will love those apps if you are an avid magazine reader. They have embedded interactive elements and gesture support. However, the only drawback is that users have to buy each issue that comes out. Although, the price is just $4.99 per issue, but many people prefer free apps than paid apps.Summing UpAlthough there are so many iPhone Magazine App that can be installed in quick time, but the iPhone could make one app as a signature magazine app. The content of the magazine would be amazing and the user interface will be beyond compare. You will get loads of free featured articles that are not available to the printed subscribers.

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