oking can worsen diabetes-related sight problems. Those affected with diabetes should pay much more attention to their eyesight, especially if they are also smokers. There is a relationship between these two conditions and their effects on eyesight. Diabetes can affect the eyesight, while smoking will worsen the situation.


Vitamins and minerals from food are essential to the eyes

Adequate nutrition keeps eyes healthy(http://www.mitamins.com/disease/Eye-Health.html). Poor nutrition has adverse effects on eye health. Therefore, nutrition is a significant factor which affects eye health in many ways. Free radicals increased by smoking can change the body’s ability to absorb and extract necessary vitamins. In this way, smoking affects nutrition for the eyes(http://www.mitamins.com/disease/Eye-Health.html). Smoking also reduces the appetite, perhaps resulting in a poor diet. All of these have a bad effect on eye health. In order to keep your eyes healthy, you should taken in proper nutrition and find a healthy way to replace smoking. To avoid the regret of being blocked out of the world by eye disease, quit all bad habits related to worsening eyesight. Take adequate nutritional supplements and vitamin extracts.

A Healthy and Comfortable Life

Breathing in the smoke from other’s cigarettes is known passive smoking. You might not know that smoke inhaled passively can be more dangerous thatn direct smoking. So quit smoking for the health of your loved ones as well, and get adequate nutrition and vitamins for a a healthy and comfortable life.

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