A twin-trundle bed is a perfect addition to a kids’ room due to its unique design that allows two separate beds to be available when needed and does not require the extra space all the time. These beds come as a pair of two similar looking beds one atop the another, where the lower bed is called trundle. The trundle has rollers or casters attached to its four legs that make it perfect to pull out when you require a larger sleeping space, and at the same time you can also free the area by sliding it under the upper bed. This is the reason that it is also known as the ‘Pull Out Trundle Bed’.


Advantages of a Wooden Trundle Bed for Kids’ Room

A twin-trundle bed adds a lot of functionality to your kids’ room. It gives your kids the much-needed floor space for playing while also giving them a large sleeping space whenever required. One thing that kids love to do is to invite their friends over for a sleepover or a slumber party. These beds are extremely good to use for such occasions. Many of these beds also include drawers for extra storage which adds to their already extensive versatility. Moreover, they also help your kids to organise their toys, books, and gadgets properly instead of scattering them in the room.

How to Pick the Best Twin-Trundle Bed?

As there are so many models, designs, and styles available in the twin-trundle beds, you might get confused in selecting the one that’s just right for your kids’ room. Here are some important factors that will help you to choose the most appropriate one:


1) Framework

As you are looking to buy a bed for your kids’ room, the most important thing is to consider its durability as kids often play on their bed. While these beds are available in a wide range of materials such as hardwood, softwood, cast iron, plywood and aluminium, beds made from hardwood or iron are considered the best when it comes to durability. While both are good options, you should avoid iron beds as they may be quite unsafe to place there.

2) Size

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The size of these beds varies from a single trundle bed to a full size twin-trundle bed. While picking the size of your bed, you should always take the exact measurement of the space where you are supposed to place it and look for the same in your bed.

3) Colour


While buying a twin-trundle bed for your kids’ room, you should always pick a bright textured bed so that they find it interesting rather than dull and boring.

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