One of best recipes for BBQ’ing chicken may not be something that would occur to you. Mainly, because it is off the wall and really doesn’t sound all that good until you bite into it.

You can prepare this on a BBQ gas grill, conventional oven, charcoal, or wood pellet grill. This way of preparing it, either on the BBQ, or in the oven, involves using a Catalina-style dressing as a marinade, and Italian seasoning, plus garlic granules as a dry rub.

Most brands of Catalina-style dressing contain all the ingredients that you need for a tremendous marinade. For example, vinegar and onion, among other essential ingredients are a factor.

Now, we will assume that you are barbecuing a whole chicken although this recipe will work just fine for chicken parts, or breasts. If you are cooking a whole chicken you will want to grill on indirect heat.

· If you are barbecuing a whole chicken, remove excess parts from cavitypellet fapellet brikett fabrikett

· Wash the chicken thoroughly with water and pat dry

· Place chicken in a leak-proof marinating container, don’t use aluminum foil

· Rub the chicken with garlic granules, outside and in the cavity

· Distribute an even amount of Catalina style dressing over the chicken and a generous amount in the cavity

· Sprinkle a light amount of Italian seasoning over the bird, and more garlic granules, no need to rub in

· Refrigerate over night

· Line a 9 ½ by 13 ½ metal pan with aluminum foil, you can do 2 chickens at once

· Place chicken in the pan and pour remaining fluid from the marinating pan over the chicken

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