The limitless varieties of bunk beds available in today confuse the customers way too much! It becomes really difficult for an individual to make the perfect and most valid choice from this vast variety, in accordance with his requirement. So, it is advisory to recognize the idea of your perfect bunk bed in the first place, and only then try to search for the patterns that fall in that bracket. If you are familiar with the basic structures of the bunk beds that can befit your kids’ room at ease, you can, then, customize that according to your choice of color, length, etc. Following are the primary styles of bunk beds, that you must consider:

L-shaped corner bunk beds: Fitting the lower bed perpendicular to the upper one, makes the design look magnificent. This design takes up huge floor space, but gives a handsome look to your room, especially if you have a spacious area! Choosing cute colors and attractive decorations on your toddler’s L-shaped bunk bed will make it look adorable! The best part about buying an l-shaped bunk bed is that along with providing a quintessential sleeping space for two, it also supports storage with some drawers and desks. You can also spare some workspace!
Quad-berth bunk beds: It is the best kind of a bunk bed, if your children have friends, over to spend the night very often. It saves a lot of space and also all your children can share the same room, without having to compromise their privacy! Though it only serves as the sleeping space, quad-berth bunk beds can spare a lot of space in your room for other things like study table furniture, or any other thing. If you have your grandchildren coming visit you, they will love this bed!
Full-size bunk beds: If your children have a habit of sleeping in various QWOP positions, then a small-sized bunk bed will not give them a tight sleep. Therefore, full-sized bunk beds save the soul!
Cabinet-like bunk beds: To spare a good amount of play space for your children, you can simply use this sleek, hideaway bed! Also, if you have toddlers, and you don’t want them to get hurt because of the bed corners, you can hide these beds effortlessly as soon as they have had enough sleep and are ready for their mischief.
Futon cum bunk beds: If you have a single child, and he/she still wants a bunk bed, then you don’t need to think, just get a futon cum bunk bed! This structure has a bed on the upper level and a futon at the lower, isn’t that a win-win situation! Also, this bed alone fulfills the job of a sofa and a bed in just one place, where you can sleep in the night and sit and hangout during the day time or watching TV.

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Loft bunk beds: In the above situation, in-spite of having a futon, you can also use that space under the upper-level bunk bed for either shelving or for making a well-equipped work or study desk!
Triple bunk beds: If you have triplets, this design of bunk beds provide a beautiful sleeping for three! There are many configurations into which these three beds can be arranged such that they occupy the minimum space and yet look elegant.
Above-mentioned was just a basic introduction about what are the different types of designs available in bunk beds. You can choose the best-suited one and then style it according to your interior!

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